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VizZle Player FAQ

Stacey Clemence
posted this on April 29, 2011 03:21 PM

Look no further for all the answers to your questions about VizZle Player. Let's go!


How do I access VizZle Player? 

VizZle Player Web: You can access VizZle Player Web by going to and clicking the blue Web button. 

VizZle Player App for iPad or Android: To download the VizZle Player app, click on this link then click on the iPad or Android logo.


How much does it cost?

VizZle Player is an add-on to a VizZle license, so if you're a subscriber, you may use the VizZle Player for free with up to 6 students simultaneously.


Do you have another tutorial or guide for me to learn about VizZle Player?

Yes. You can pick and choose which articles to look at in our Getting Started guide, or you can check out the details on VizZle U.


Do I need a VizZle account to use VizZle Player?

Yes. VizZle Player is not designed to be a standalone application. Get your 30-day free trial for VizZle here.


Why should I use VizZle Player?

VizZle Player gives you the ability to let your students play VizZle activities independently without having to worry that they will start clicking in areas you don't intend for them to go (such as other students' folders). It's also much quicker to get your students into VizZle and playing.


What's the difference between VizZle Player and VizZle?

A quick comparison chart should answer that question:



VizZle Player

Play VizZle lessons  smallCheckMark.png  smallCheckMark.png
Track students' performance  smallCheckMark.png  smallCheckMark.png
View student performance data smallCheckMark.png  
Allow student login    smallCheckMark.png
Allow teacher login  smallCheckMark.png  smallCheckMark.png
Create and edit VizZle lessons  smallCheckMark.png  
Organize lessons  smallCheckMark.png  
Find new lessons in Share  smallCheckMark.png  
Set Student Profile picture and preferred color  smallCheckMark.png  
Launch Student Environment   smallCheckMark.png


Can my student log in to VizZle Player?

Yes! When you set up an a new student in your account, you will be emailed the student's username and password. For more information, see this VizZle Help article.


If my student logs in, what lessons will he or she see?

Only lesson placed in the child's Student Player folder in VizZle will appear when the student logs into VizZle Player.


How many students can use VizZle Player at a time?

Current subscribers can use VizZle Players with six students at a time. Additional VizZle Player licenses can be purchased for a fee. Contact your VizZle rep or call 1-800-593-1934 for more details.


What's the difference between the teacher logging in and the student logging in?

When you log in as a teacher, you'll be able to see all the same lessons and folders as you do in the Teach section in VizZle (with the exception of the Pix2Go lessons. You can view videos, play lessons, and view the lessons in your students' folder as usual. You'll also notice the Start Student Environment button when you're looking at a folder with playable lessons. This starts a Student Environment populated with the lessons from whichever folder you started the Environment (i.e. if you're viewing My Lessons and you click Start Student Environment, the student will be able to play the lessons in your My Lessons folder).

The student login mode is designed to be a quick start: the student types his or her login information, chooses a teacher (if necessary), and is immediately taken to the Student Environment, where he or she can start playing without navigating through folders.


What about data tracking?

Student performance data is tracked the same way in the VizZle Player as it is in VizZle: if the lesson is launched from that students' folders, you will be able to view the results in the students' Student Data folder in VizZle. Note that you cannot view performance data while you're in VizZle Player.

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